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Wardrobe upcycle project, Vintage Travel Kat

From drab to fab: how to paint and upcycle old furniture

One thing I’m quite passionate about is breathing new life into discarded items of furniture that are destined for landfill. 

It always amazes me the things that many people throw out on roadside piles, rather than donate to charity or give away for for free through online community groups. 

Recently, I spotted this 1940s wardrobe up the street and my fabulous partner and son carried it home, up the street (bless them). 

In the three-minute video below, I’ll show how we took this perfectly functional piece that was in structurally great condition from drab to fab using Annie Sloan chalk paint – saving this piece from landfill, giving it many more years of life and also getting my kids involved, teaching them the value of recycling and upcycling for the environment. 

It’s now the perfect (and pink!) little home for some of my vintage treasures. 

Upcycle old furniture with Vintage Travel Kat
Here we upcycle old furniture to give it a new lease of life
Painting furniture with chalk paint
My son gets in on the painting action.
Painting furniture with chalk paint. Credit: Vintage Travel Kat