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  • Vintage white bag


    Timelessly stylish vintage white bag. The exterior of this pretty bag is patterned with small white circular beaded discs with gold foiling that catch the light. The gold chain and bag’s kiss-lock clasp are in good condition.

  • Vintage 1960s gold beaded bag


    Stunning and near-flawless vintage 1960s gold beaded bag that positively sparkles. I can imagine a glamorous lady of the past wearing this to the Opera, a night at the theatre or out dancing, or even on her arm on her wedding day. The shimmering beading is weaved in a star-shaped pattern. (read more below)

  • Vintage Glomesh bag


    Original and genuine vintage Glomesh bag in a black or deep charcoal colour. The chain handle is thick, solid and sturdy and in great condition. The kiss lock clasp on a gold tone enamel frame is in perfect working condition. Inside, the bag is lined with purple satin with the ‘Glomesh’ tag stitched onto the lining of a vanity mirror pocket. The outside mesh chain is in great condition, with just one piece having come loose, right on the outer edge (see photo). This is a timeless and classic addition to any lady’s wardrobe. (read more below)

  • Vintage black beaded evening clutch


    This small and elegant vintage black beaded evening clutch bag is perfectly petite. The glossy black bead work in a swirling pattern is dazzling. The bag fastens with a gold clip in good condition. There was probably once a chain with this bag too, given two circular loop holes on the frame to indicate as such. The black satin lining within is in very good condition and there’s a small side pocket for a vanity mirror. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1980s black clutch bag


    This stylish vintage 1980s black clutch bag, made in Italy, would make a sleek and polished accompaniment to almost any outfit. The bag seals with a simple gold clip that folds over a glossy black frame. The viscose has a slight sheen to it with a lightly textured appearance similar to linen or raffia. (see more below)

  • Vintage Glomesh 1970s cream purse


    This sweet genuine Glomesh cream purse from the 1970s is adorned with cream mesh pieces that have a slight pearl- iridescence to them. Inside, a black Glomesh label is stitched into the peach-coloured lining. It’s the perfect size to fit all the essentials a lady needs when out and about looking her stylish best. (read more below)

  • Vintage Johann Becker silver mesh bag


    This divine and sparkling 1960s vintage Johann Becker silver mesh bag was made in West Germany. The mesh is in flawless condition and truly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a silver-tone vintage bag shine with such a brilliant lustre. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1960s Colin Glascoe dress


    A rare find is this absolutely spectacular silk shift vintage 1960s Colin Glascoe dress. 1960s British designer, Colin Glascoe, was considered England’s answer to Emilio Pucci. (read more below)

  • Vintage Jean Varon silk evening dress


    This vintage Jean Varon silk evening dress is a piece of fashion history, mint in colour and condition!! It dates to the late 1960s and is from the celebrated English designer, ‘Jean Varon’ (read more below).

  • Vintage 1960s Jaki K dress


    Power to the purple in this Pucci-style vintage 1960s Jaki K dress. Jaki K was a Sydney label making clothing in the 1960s and 1970s. The fabric (unlabelled, but a type of polyester) has a luscious silky and glimmering sheen, making this dress feel super slinky and drape beautifully. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1960s dress


    Probably my favourite vintage colour, mint green, absolutely stars here in this adorable A-line vintage 1960s dress from UK label ‘Madison Avenue London’. Mint and white-coloured sweet flowers adorn the entire front and back of this sleeveless and classic-shaped dress. (see more below)

  • Vintage 1960s floral dress made in New York


    I just smile when I look at this dress.. I can’t help it as I picture some young lady in the 1960s flitting down Madison Avenue or strolling through Central Park wearing this cute and colourful creation. The pattern features oh-so-sweet flowers and leaves in yellow, green and candy-pink hues. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1960s yellow Rembrandt Original dress


    Sunshine day! This canary yellow genuine vintage mod-style 1960s dress is a striking piece of tailoring and 1960s fashion history. I wonder where this old girl has been before? Walking across London Bridge, through the doors of Harrods or perhaps past the gates of Buckingham Palace? This is a Rembrandt Original, the prestigious dress house in London that commissioned several high-profile designers, including Louis Feraud, to create pieces for their label. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1960s flower power dress


    This vibrant and totally fabulous vintage 1960s flower power dress is by ‘Palm Island’ and couldn’t be any more mid-century magnificent. The 100% cotton dress is decorated with statement-size hibiscus-shaped flower petals and purple, orange and light tan paisley swirls. (read more below)

  • Vintage green sequinned dress


    This timeless vintage green sequinned dress, from the 1980s or 90s, is a beautiful sea-green tone and was made by Melbourne-based fashion designer, Barbara Wilson. She had a number of boutiques in Melbourne and Sydney. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1970s John J Hilton dress


    “It’s a honey, it’s a Hilton!” This show-stopper dress, with trademark 1970s wide collar, was designed by John J. Hilton, a popular women’s wear designer based in Sydney in the 1950s, 60 and 70s. Label says this is a vintage size 12, but please check below for measurements and modern-day sizing guide. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1970s tulip maxi dress


    Vintage 1970s tulip maxi dress Terrific in tulips! Oh, cool kats, I adore this vintage 1970s tulip maxi dress by ‘Eye Catcher, Garments of Sydney’. The black and floral patterned dress has all its original six buttons which run the length of the navel to the collar. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1990s George Gross dress


    I very much know the history of this vintage George Gross dress. Made in either 1989 or 1990, this elegant black and white dress with applique detailing is by high-profile Australian designer George Gross. My own sister wore this dress on her wedding day as her ‘going away outfit’. I can picture this looking absolutely fabulous on Derby Day, or any occasion where classic style and detailing are the order of the day. (read more below)

  • Vintage Jill Fitzsimon dress


    Super sweet….this 1980s vintage Jill Fitzsimon dress is made by one of Australia’s most prominent fashion designers of the 1980s. The dress is in mint condition and looks to have been barely worn.  I love the lines on this piece which, to me, have a 1940s vibe. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1960s paisley dress


    This simple but sweet vintage 1960s paisley dress (a house or night dress) has a super groovy and eye-catching pattern. Made by US brand Sears Roebuck & Co, the dress has a free-flowing, A-line shape and appears to have possibly been a maternity or nursing dress, given that it has press-stud buttons on either shoulder which would have allowed for breastfeeding. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1980s Louis Féraud polka dot jacket


    Ooh la la!!! I think this cropped vintage 1980s jacket from French couture designer Louis Féraud is the absolute bomb. This could be worn day or night, either in a dressy style or a more casual way. The detailing on this jacket, made in West Germany, is divine: scalloped cream edging and original black and white buttons. (read more below)

  • Vintage Louis Féraud wool blazer


    This double-breasted vintage jacket Louis Féraud wool blazer is absolutely gorgeous…simplicity, elegance and timeless design chic wrapped up in a 100% pure new wool package by French couture designer, Louis Féraud. All of the original gold buttons remain, with three on the back of each sleeve and six on the front. (read more below)

  • Vintage beaded 1960s cream top


    This divine sequin vintage beaded 1960s cream top would hark back to the mid century when these beaded tops were very popular and de rigueur for women of the era. The outer shell is completely decorated with sequins and a pattern of dangling beads, including to the full circumference of the hemline. There are only […]

  • Vintage 1960s yellow top


    Cute as a button!! This vintage 1960s yellow top is a beautiful buttercup shade of yellow with a sailor collar, and is a little ray of sunshine. I can picture Doris Day in like this and flashing her pearly-white smile! In great condition, this top has a white Peter Pan collar and yellow neck tie stitched into place, with five circular buttons running up the middle of the bodice. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1980s pink Hawaii top


    Aloha! This bright and fun resort-wear vintage 1980s pink Hawaii top is labelled ‘Hilo Hattie’s Hawaii’ made by the Hawaiian resort-wear company. Colourful purple and orange hibiscus with aqua-coloured leaves adorn a hot pink backdrop. The top is free-flowing and can be worn as is or cinched at the waist with a belt. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1990s hooded Escada top


    I love this sassy and vintage 1990s hooded Escada top, from the European designer brand.  A subtle gold thread runs throughout the top which was made in Slovakia. I always think of Kylie Minogue in her ‘Better the Devil You Know’ film clip from 1990 in which she dances in hot pants and a white hooded crop top. Hooded tops were quite the thing in the 1990s! (read more below)

  • 1990s Louis Féraud pencil skirt


    Colour and class! This fully lined 1990s Louis Féraud pencil skirt shines in an eye-catching canary yellow, made by French couture fashion house Louis Féraud and made in West Germany. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1970s folk peasant skirt


    This wrap-around vintage folk peasant skirt from the 1970s has the most vivid red tone that is beautifully contrasted with white scalloped edging and hand-embroidered floral detail on the front. Throw on a head scarf and grab a wicker basket for true vintage chic. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1960s Antonelli scarf


    This classic, geometric vintage 1960s Antonelli scarf is made by pioneering Italian fashion designer, Maria Antonelli. She is credited with helping put Italian fashion on the map as a rival to France. Her minimalist designs were said to have pre-empted the 1960s trend. (read more below)

  • Oroton silk scarf


    This Oroton silk scarf is in mint condition. It features the signature Oroton trademark and symbol, the letter ‘O’, which was introduced to the Australian brand in the 1970s. It has the classic Oroton styling, vivid beautiful pink and blue tones and will make a stylish addition to any outfit. (read more below)

  • Vintage Great Barrier Reef scarf


    I love the vintage trend of tourism scarves! This beautiful aqua and pink vintage Great Barrier Reef scarf pays homage to the incredible coastline and islands dotted throughout Australia’s sunshine state, Queensland, including the Great Barrier Reef itself – the world’s largest living organism. Judging from the typeface and illustration, I estimate that this scarf dates to the 1960s and is in pristine condition…. most likely, it’s never been worn. (read more below)

  • Vintage Queen Elizabeth coronation scarf


    This beautiful vintage Queen Elizabeth coronation scarf dates to the 1950s. An oversized, large scarf, the illustrations on this scarf depict the royal carriage and several crown illustrations, along with key British landmarks including Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle. (read more below)

  • Vintage pink Paris scarf by Phillipe Monet


    This beautiful vintage pink Paris scarf by Phillipe Monet is made of silk and conjures the dreamy and feminine side of the City of Lights with gorgeous sketches. The illustrations depict Notre Dame Cathedral, cafes, the Paris Opera House, Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel Tower. The scarf is made by 1980 and 1990s New York fashion label, Phillipe Monet Ltd. (read more below)

  • Vintage yellow scarf


    This cute vintage yellow scarf, with navy highlights, dates to the 1960s and is from Italian label, Gino Paoli. Paoli was an Italian couture fashion label that thrived in the 1950s and 60s. (read more below)

  • Vintage Anne Klein lion head earrings


    These iconic and signed vintage Anne Klein lion head earrings are from the 1980s by New York designer, Anne Klein. These byzantine-style earrings are large circular ‘shield’ clip-ons in a brushed and matte golden finish, with ‘AK’ featured in the centre and the signed copyrighted makers mark ‘AK’ on the rear. (read more below)

  • Fernella’s Jools NYC 1980s bangle


    This stunner is a vintage Fernalla’s Jools NYC 1980s bangle – an enamel resin clamper bangle embedded with costume jewels and decorations. The bangle is a clamper style that opens wide and snaps closed on the wrists. A Fernella’s Jools NYC sticker sits on the inside. (read more below)

  • Vintage designer earrings


    These quality 1980s vintage Pierre Cardin earrings are in great condition with a good weight and quality. They feature the Pierre Cardin escargot label  and makers stamp on the inside of each clip-on earring. (read more below)

  • Sarah Coventry necklace and brooch


    This Sarah Coventry necklace and brooch most likely dates to the 1970s. With versatility to create your own look, a golden brooch forms the centrepiece of a necklace, attached by four clasps. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1950s multi strand necklace


    This pink vintage 1950s multi strand necklace is oh so gorgeous and sensational. This 1950s beauty features four rows comprised of three different types of beads, including a beige, matte bead; a dusty pink faux pearl; and a shimmery pink bead. At the back, the necklace locks into place via a beautiful brass box clasp embedded with six crystals. (read more below)

  • Vintage shell pendant necklace


    Channel your inner 1970s mermaid with this sweet vintage shell pendant necklace. The conical shell has soft purple, blue and salmon-coloured stripes and has a gold foil tip and base. The shell dangles from a costume jewellery chain that has a 34cm drop. (read more below)

  • Vintage shell clip on earrings


    Calling all stylish sea-loving sirens! These adorable 1960s or 1970s vintage shell clip on earrings are so divine and will make you channel your own Aerial or Little Mermaid aquatic vibes! Made in Hong Kong, each shell is striped with pink and blue tones. (read more below)

  • Vintage pink earrings


    These sweet 1960s vintage pink earrings are in wonderful condition and would look just as stylish today as they would have on the lady who first wore these pink gems maybe 50 or 60 years ago. Made in Japan, they are lightweight and effortless to wear. (read more below)

  • Vintage clip on earrings


    Make a statement with these fun and fabulous over-sized 1980s vintage clip on earrings. Lightweight and a breeze to wear, these colourful gems will brighten up any outfit and add effortless glam to your day! (read more below)

  • Vintage Charles Jourdan belt


    In great condition, this 1980s leather tan belt is made by French couture designer, Charles Jourdan. The gold buckle features the Charles Jourdan logo on the outside and is repeated on the inner buckle, along with the stamped text ‘Charles Jourdan, Made in Italy’. (see more below)

  • Vintage 1970s chain belt


    Add some vintage razzle dazzle to any outfit with this chic, vintage 1970s chain belt. The belt has a good, solid weight and feel to it. A gold interlocking pattern in the centre of the belt is framed by a top and lower row of rhinestones, which are all in place with none missing.  The belt clips onto the dangling chain that finishes with a golden bauble. (see more below)

  • Vintage Sydney linen tea towel


    A fabulous as-new vintage tea towel with striking original colours. This 100% Irish linen tea towel depicts the S.S Canberra ship in the docks at Circular Quay in Sydney. Designed by Lamont and using Fast Colours. A beautiful piece of vintage Australiana. (read more below)

  • Vintage Australia linen tea towel


    Outstanding colours in this vintage Australia linen tea towel, never-been-used tea towel depicting Australia that dates to the 1960s. The tea towel, made in Ireland, is tagged as fast colours with the design by Lamont.

  • Vintage Australia marine linen tea towel


    This beautiful vintage Australia marine linen tea towel, designed by Lamont, shows the aquatic playground that lies beneath the waters of Australia’s shorelines. Depicting a 1960s font and illustrations, the tea towel was made in Ireland of pure Irish linen. (read more below)

  • Vintage Lord Howe Island tea towel


    Vintage 1980s linen tea towel of Lord Howe Island in New South Wales. The 100% pure linen tea towel has never been used. Designed and printed in Australia, the tea towel depicts aquatic illustrations of marine life by artist July McCallum. There’s only one light stain on the tea towel (as shown in the image). A beautiful piece of vintage Australiana. (read more below)

  • Vintage Christian Dior leather gloves


    These vintage Christian Dior leather gloves are a true piece of fashion history. Made by iconic designer of the 20th century, Christian Dior, these kid leather gloves in a soft blush pink tone are still in their original plastic sleeve with an inserted branded tag card.  Known for his elegant and feminine forms in the post-war era, by 1953 Dior’s strapless ball gowns with sweeping skirts were part of his signature look. (read more below)

  • Vintage Dents gold lurex opera gloves


    These beautiful sparkling and dazzling vintage Dents gold lurex opera gloves are oh-so elegant and represent and truly represent a different era. This pair may have visited the theatre, the opera, dance halls or cocktail parties. Made by British glove manufacturer Dents, established in 1777, these are in great condition with no rips, tears or holes. (read more below)

  • Vintage silk tie


    I love the colours in this beautiful vintage Hermès silk tie. Made in France, this tie features the copyright Hermès symbol. The pattern includes a purple-coloured city skyline by night against an olive green background sprinkled with subtle white dots. (read more below)

  • Vintage designer tie


    How chic is this Yves Saint Laurent vintage tie, made of silk, by one of the most iconic fashion designers of the 20th century? A caramel/mocha colour forms the backdrop to repetitive diamond-shaped symbols with pale pink and blue borders and tiny white dots in the centre. (read more below)

  • Vintage gold and brown chunky necklace


    This eye-catching vintage gold and brown chunky necklace is a true style piece made in timeless tones to stand the test of time. Dating to either the 1970s or 1980s, the necklace is well made with entwined layers of over-sized beads in imitation gold, wood and a leopard print. (read more below)

  • Vintage Whiting & Davis 1950s gold mesh bag


    This stunning vintage Whiting & Davis 1950s gold mesh bag was made by the highly collectable US bag manufacturers, Whiting & Davis – and it’s an absolute eye-catching beauty (and a rare find). It shimmers and glistens today every bit as much as it would have for its original stylish and discerning owner, almost six decades ago. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1960s navy blue and white jacket


    The classic nautical combination of navy and white is handled playfully here in this gorgeous vintage 1960s navy blue and white jacket / coat from Neater Fashions Sydney. You can team this timeless piece with white wide-legged pants and an abundance of costume pearls for a Coco Chanel vibe; or keep it casual with a pair of white or denim jeans, leather loafers and a head scarf. (read more below)

  • Vintage 1990s gold coin belt


    This statement vintage 1990s gold coin belt with black leather is an absolute show stopper. With beautiful craftsmanship, this belt has stood the test of time since being created in the 1990s – and remains a fashionable piece to wear today. (see more below)

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